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Automatic knives are a form of what our ancestors used to classify as “pocket knives.” They have come a long way from being hand-controlled to entirely automatic, over the years. The auto knives mechanism operates in a secure way where the sliding or folding blade enclosed in the handle unlocks automatically when a button or lever is pressed. The spring, then, pushes the blades out. The fully automatic knives can even close in the same way. These every day carry knives come of help in situations like your sudden camping trips and times for self-defense. At Tacknives, we offer a wide automatic knives collection that includes large, mini, and medium sizes for you to pick suiting your necessities. You may now buy automatic knives online from our website.

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Two categories fall under the term “automatic knife” - Side Opening and Out-The-Front knives. Both of them have different characteristics that set them apart and make a special place in your auto knives collection. 

  1. Side-Opening: This category of auto knives resembles pocket-knives the most. Here, the blade is extracted and retracted from the side of the handle. The mechanism works in a way where all you have to do is press a button, and the blade will come off the casing. Having said so, these are not that feasible to use as the side slit renders a very annoying sensation when you hold them.
  1. Out The Front: Also known as OTF knife, they operate in the same mechanism as side-opening ones but with a variation. As the name implies, these automatic knives deploy the blade from the tip and are further subdivided into two categories (Single Action and Double Action) that defines the way to use them.

We offer a broad collection of auto knives for sale on our website in a variety of styles and sizes. The difference between the two categories of OTFs is crucial as it would ascertain how well would you be able to handle the knives. In single-action knives, the blade has to be retracted with the help of your hand. The double-action ones, on the other hand, are fully-automatic. At Tacknives, we stock both of them, making us one of the most sought after websites to buy automatic knives online. 

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